EVERY COUNTRY TO ITS OWN!: 'Why Donald Trump is bad for the health of the world – in five charts' - Health Resource International West Africa (HRI)


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Tuesday, 18 July 2017

EVERY COUNTRY TO ITS OWN!: 'Why Donald Trump is bad for the health of the world – in five charts'

Dear All,

These are times when you pray and wish that countries would stand up for themselves: if Trump says 'America First' and jeopardises the seeming balance in world affairs, other countries should learn  lessons and practice 'their country first' until the next American
President. It is a lot of money, yes, for instance it is estimated that Nigeria, in Trumps 4-year tenure, will lose  $541 which comes to about N1.9 Billion ( 2.4 Billion GBP). In the same period it is estimated that 60 countries will lose out: e.g. Afghanistan $124m, Haiti $139m, Kenya $552m, Tanzania $498m

That is a lot of money, but for the sake of National Pride and their Citizens’ healthcare, countries, especially LMICs, should be looking inwards how to 'cut and stretch' budgets to care for their people while Trump lasts, at least!. It will need  lots of Political Will and Leadership By Example to cut out existing expenditure luxuries and other excesses, which sadly is lacking in most LMICs.  READ ON -  

‘Subject: [hifa] Guardian: Why Donald Trump is bad for the health of the world – in five charts
'The president’s aid budget cut and restoring the ‘global gag rule’ will see millions more pregnancies and abortions, and thousands more women dying in childbirth...'

'America has long been the world’s most generous bilateral funder of healthcare programmes in the developing world. However, the Trump presidency has delivered a triple whammy: cutting aid budgets, defunding the UN Population Fund and reinstating a policy cherished by every Republican president since Reagan aimed at restricting abortion around the world – the so-called global gag rule.

'The cumulative consequences over four years look ominous: millions of unintended pregnancies, thousands of unsafe abortions, tens of thousands of lives lost, and hard-won progress against diseases such as HIV and tuberculosis jeopardised...

'In sub-Saharan Africa, abortion rates rose the last time the global gag was introduced...

'The last time it was in effect, during the eight years of George W Bush’s presidency, from 2001-2008, academics found paradoxical outcomes.

'“Our study found robust empirical patterns suggesting that the Mexico City policy is associated with increases in abortion rates in sub-Saharan African countries,” wrote Standford University researchers, led by Eran Bendavid, in 2011.

'While they did not speculate why the US policy had this effect, aid groups say defunding family planning programmes will inevitably lead to more unwanted pregnancies – and more unsafe abortions.' 

Extracts below. Full text here:

Joseph Ana

Africa Center for Clin Gov Research & Patient Safety
@ HRI West Africa Group - HRI WA
Consultants in Clinical Governance Implementation
Publisher: Health and Medical Journals 
8 Amaku Street Housing Estate, Calabar
Cross River State, Nigeria
Phone No. +234 (0) 8063600642

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